Sunday, July 26, 2009


So far I have only a few who have ventured into this thing we call the BLOGOSPHERE. Let me point out how you make your notes, and give you some of the subjects that the E-mails are delving into. FLUSH TOILETS and wedding practices from YANKEELAND.

Should you not want to have to get around CORNFIELD's screwed up server that demands you identify yourself as if you are begging to send him an E-mail, then you can type your message as a comment to this.

Should BankerDAWG and Sasquatch want to re-ignite the War of NORTHERN AGGRESSION as they BOTH might describe it, THIS page offers A BIGGER AND A CLEANER BATTLEFIELD or should I really say, DUELING GROUND.

This might be important since both seem to be posturing more for a duel than a feud or out and out war.

I will make one statement here, Mr. Danforth LIVED further SOUTH than any of us, and by a mile even myself, in a land further south than Vietnam. We were in a paradise where we ate strange food like CIVICHE (raw fish marinated in lime juice) and ate some of the same native fruits, like bananas and mangoes.

Bring a basket with some fried chicken livers or some bb-q ... and let's spread a sheet on the ground and watch this old ritual of honor take shape.

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Monday, July 20, 2009


Welcome to the one-stop comments area ... with this we hope to eliminate E-mails that clutter your inbox, that cause you to have to sort through sixteen E-mails to get the latest from Kelley or CCRadical ... forget which server they are on ... just post here and it goes out over the web to all of us without getting into business E-mails or interfering with family matters.

Type in anything you want THIS PLACE SUCKS or GOD HOW I MISS THE DIXIE!! Bitch about your golf game if you like. One thing I might ask is what was asked of us ... when you have a complaint, take the time to offer a solution.

You can post pictures here, and links to videos. If you look at the toolbox, there is even a SPELL CHECKER. Get that BANKERDAWG?

As various subjects move forward, we can have another GOLF (Fandango) blog or one for the ladies of Lewis. There is a provision for TEAM posting where we can let those of who are GOLF WHIZZES/WIZARDS claim the power of editor.

Well, that is all I can come up with.

One thing more: Before you begin ... put your brain in gear. GOOGLE will be posting these to the WWW (internet) so even though you can say anything, even call the president a gnigger, spell it right and it will be allowed.

Have fun.